Program :

bordering on : saturday, February 23, 2019

Opening remarks :

(9:30 – 10:00)

Angeliki Sioli and Kris Palagi, Assistant Professors of Architecture
Alkis Tsolakis, Dean of the LSU College of Art and Design


Keynote Lecture : Unwalling Citizenship

(10:00 - 11:00)

Fonna Forman, political theorist, UC San Diego
Moderators: Angeliki Sioli and Kris Palagi 


Coffee Break


Session 1 : In the border…

(11:15 – 12:45)

Moderator: Ursula Emery McClure, Architect and Professor, LSU School of Architecture

“Reflections on geographies of adjacency and relationality:  Borders, bordering, and the city”
Eugene McCann, geography, Simon Fraser University

“The Plank Road Project: Addressing Racial and Spatial Stratification in Baton Rouge”
Christopher J. Tyson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority

“Green Fingers of the City: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Greenways in Urban Form”
Nicholas Serrano, Landscape Historian


Lunch Break


Session 2 : Through the border…

(1:45 – 3:15)

Moderator: Bob Zwirn, Architect and Professor, LSU School of Architecture

“Borders and Imaginary Passages”
Sofia Dona, Artist and Architect

“Negotiating Conflict: Bordering Practices in Beirut”
Dr. Mohamad Hafeda, Artist

“Walls Project: Create, Cultivate, Reactivate
Casey Phillips, Director of the Walls Project


Coffee break


Session 3 : Beyond the border…

(3:30 – 5:00)

Moderator: Paul Holmquist, Assistant Professor, LSU School of Architecture

“Architectures of Displacement and Forms of Non-Belonging”
Dr Nishat Awan, Architect

“From Camps to Gated Communities: Multiple Forms of Borders & Practices of Bordering in Turkey”
Yaşar Adnan Adanali, Director, Center for Spatial Justice 

“Building Community”
Haley Blakeman, Center for Planning Excellence

Coffee break

Keynote Lecture : Ampersand; Mapping the Complexity of the Border

(5:15 – 6:30)

Dr. Marc Schoonderbeek, Architect, School of Architecture, TU Delft
Moderator: Marwan Ghandour, Director, LSU School of Architecture