Casey Phillips,

Director of The Walls Project :


Creative futurist with 20+ years of experience forecasting and launching entertainment, technology, and arts brands. Prominent brand strategist specializing in the cultural economy and nonprofit sector by implementing innovative strategies based on global best practices, data analysis and future market trends.

Proponent of creative placemaking and smart growth principles to reactivate communities through collaborative community development. Founder of The Force Agency in Los Angeles, California and Co-Founder/Director of The Walls Project 501c3 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  


Create, Cultivate, Reactivate

The Walls Project offers a bold vision for what is possible, while creating a pathway to achieving our vision through a collection of three separate but integrated program services - Create, Cultivate and Reactivate. Through creative placemaking, The Walls is educating citizens to create a skilled workforce, rejuvenating public and private structures and streetscapes, improving local business viability and public safety, and bringing diverse people together to celebrate, make change, and be inspired. 

In turn, these creative efforts are fostering entrepreneurs and cultural industries, generating jobs and income, spinning off new products and services, attracting and retaining new business and skilled workers, and reducing the cycle of generational poverty in rural and urban communities.

Ultimately, The Walls intends to demonstrate a set of interconnected arts and entrepreneurial initiatives can serve as catalysts for change in a community, impacting participants far beyond simple self-expression through the arts.