Dr. Mohamad Hafeda,

artist :


Mohamad Hafeda is an artist, designer and a writer. He is a founding partner of Febrik, a collaborative platform for participatory art and design research working on issues of refuge and spatial rights. Hafeda is a senior lecturer in architecture at Leeds Beckett University. He holds a PhD degree in Architectural Design from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Hafeda is the author of Negotiating Conflict in Lebanon: Bordering Practices in a Divided Beirut (I.B. Tauris, 2019). He is the co-editor of Narrating Beirut from its Borderlines (Heinrich Boll Foundation, 2011), and Febrik’s projects Creative Refuge (Tadween, 2014) and Action of Street/Action of Room: A Directory of Public Actions (Serpentine Galleries, 2016). Febrik collaborates with NGOs and cultural institutions. Their projects include residencies and exhibitions at the Serpentine Galleries, South London Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Mosaic Rooms, and Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. 


Negotiating Conflict: Bordering Practices in Beirut

The presentation investigates everyday bordering practices at times of political-sectarian conflict in Beirut. It proposes a method of negotiating, one that considers how artistic research can itself be considered as a form of critical spatial practice and, in particular, a bordering practice. This enables the rethinking of border positions, including those between disciplines – such as between practice and theory, art and social science – and between spatial conditions – such as between private and public, interior and exterior. This rethinking leads to the transformation of certain border positions, such as the divisive positions of dominant sectarian narratives.