Sofia Dona,

artist and architect :


Sofia Dona is an artist and architect based in Munich and Athens. She is awarded with the City of Munich 2018 Prize for Architecture. (Förderpreise 2018 der Landeschauptstadt München). In 2015 she was a Fulbright scholar in Los Angeles where she taught at Otis College for Art and Design in the department of Public Practice. She has been realizing projects in the field between architecture and art in various cities around the world, including Athens, Leipzig, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pisa, Weimar and has exhibited in places such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens (EMST), the Neue Gesellschaft für Buildene Kunst in Berlin (nGbk) and the Athens Biennale. From 2016 till 2018 she was a Research and Teaching Associate at the department of architecture in the Technical University of Munich (TUM). She has been a visiting lecturer in various universities including Kyoto University, Tel Aviv University,Esquela Libre de Arquitectura in Tijuana and the Floating University in Berlin.



Borders and Imaginary passages

The ancient Greek word Πόρος (‘Poros’), which is the etymological root of Porosity, defines the shallow part of the river where one can cross. Πόρος makes Πέρασμα (‘Perasma’) possible, which is the passage from one side to the other, the crossing of a natural border. Πόρος is a natural condition that often allowed the creation of cities but also their conquest.

A gigantic door that crosses the US-Mexican border, a small island which used to be a quarantine and separates the military from the civilian area of Salamis, a green wall in Munich built to divide refugees from citizens, an open floor plan office building that transforms into a refugee arrival shelter: This presentation will run through various projects to narrate stories of borders and imaginary passages.