Haley Blakeman, PLA, AICP,

center for planning excellence,
Lead designer :


Haley is Center for Planning Excellence’s (CPEX) lead designer and landscape architect with nearly 20 years of experience.  Haley is passionate about providing opportunities for civic engagement, strengthening neighborhoods, empowering residents to improve their environment, and fostering incremental shifts that add up to big changes. Her work experience has given her a variety of perspectives and the context needed to be a creative problem solver. As CPEX’s Vice President, Haley works with the leadership team to define organizational strategy in order to maximize CPEX's impact, oversees workflow, and optimizes staff productivity.  Haley currently serves at the Vice President of Communications for her professional organization, American Society of Landscape Architects.


Building Community

CPEX brings people, culture, and planning together to make great communities happen. CPEX is a non-profit organization that coordinates urban, rural and regional planning efforts in Louisiana. We provide best-practice planning models, innovative policy ideas, and technical assistance to individual communities that wish to create and enact master plans dealing with transportation and infrastructure needs, environmental issues, and quality design for the built environment. CPEX brings community members and leaders together and provides guidance as they work toward a shared vision for future growth and development. Since our founding in 2006, CPEX has been involved with the planning efforts of more than 30 Louisiana cities, towns and parishes. Everything that we do is based on engaging the community that we work in. People who live in a community should have a voice in how it is developed. CPEX not only outlines projects for communities through planning and design processes, but also teaches community members how to engage with each other, governmental agencies, and volunteers to identify and complete their own projects.