Yaşar Adnan ADANALI,

Director, Center for Spatial Justice  :


Yaşar Adnan Adanalı is an Istanbul based urbanist, researcher and lecturer. He is the co-founder and director of Center for Spatial Justice (Turkish: Mekanda Adalet Derneği, abbrev. MAD). Yaşar has a BA on social and political sciences from Sabanci University (Istanbul) and a Master’s Degree on development and planning from UCL (London). His PhD research in Habitat Unit (TU Berlin) is on urban transformation of informal areas in Istanbul and urban grassroots movements. Yaşar worked as a development specialist with informal communities in Dominican Republic; and on refugee camp improvement projects in the Middle East. He teaches participatory planning course at Darmstadt Technical University (Germany) as a visiting lecturer since 2010. He coordinates Urban Political Ecology On the Road Summer School at MAD. Yaşar is a voluntary member of Düzce Hope Studio, which is set-up for designing the first participatory mass-housing project in Turkey. 


From Camps to Gated Communities: Multiple Forms of Borders & Practices of Bordering In Turkey

There are two kinds of people… And they are separated by a border. 

There are two kinds of people… Those who try to cross over and those who build a border. 

This presentation will focus on the multiple forms of borders and practices of bordering in one of the most divided parts of the world. There are borders to control/secure/privatize/exclude/preserve; there are borders erected by the state/ideology/inequality. There are borders in the form of nature/architecture/infrastructure. Borders are spatial and temporal. They inhibit people as well as inviting them to transgress. The presentation, which is based on several case studies from Istanbul and beyond, will articulate the construction and deconstruction of borders in relation to the demand for spatial justice by different urban groups, informal communities, refugees, etc.